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The world is engaged in an historic energy paradigm shift from fossil to biogenic fuels. The key drivers for biofuels development are: global energy security, economic self-reliance, indigenous employment, environmental management, and mitigation of carbon-positive, greenhouse gas emissions that may lead to global climate change.

Demand for biofuels is anticipated to be about $150 billion per year by 2022. Achieving that goal will require the development of over 500 biorefineries in the United States processing roughly 500 million tons of biomass. That represents a huge PR and marketing challenge.

The Miller De Wulf Corporation has been at the forefront of bioenergy and biomass marketing by providing corporate identity, print and internet design, and social media networking services. We have also attended and spoken at over 70 conferences representing biomass feedstock (“biostock”) aggregators to major industry decision-makers, conference organizers, and media.

BIOMASS Conversion technologies

The key driver for biomass power is the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions that aggravate global climate change. Utilities and power companies are faced with Renewable Electricity Standards (RES or RPS) set in 27 states.  The U.S. Federal government is also considering a nationwide RES that would mandate reduction of GHG emissions by perhaps 20% within a decade.

Biological technologies involve harnessing the stored energy in biomass feedstocks - i.e., wood, crops, and organic waste streams including post-recycled municipal solid wastes (MSW) - to generate power or to convert them into fuels.

The Miller De Wulf Corporation has been an advocate at national conferences for the conversion of sustainable supplies of biomass feedstock (or “biostock”) into biomass power. Some of the most sustainable biostock include environmental liabilities - MSW,
beetle kill timber, hurricane knockdown, forest thinnings, and wildfire salvage.

biomass power

We have contributed production and consulting to the Bioenergy Producers Association and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for the deployment of waste-to-energy conversion facilities in Southern California.

Scott Miller is also President of Victory Plant which is an initiative founded by Jim Lane of Biofuels Digest for spearheading the deployment of successful advanced biofuel biorefineries. Scott leads a team called

BIO-CAST that defines certification criteria, evaluates commercial scale facilities, and promotes their economic and environmental sustainability.

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MISSION: Leveraging new media to foster the emergence of the best technologies for converting sustainable supplies of biomass into biofuels, green chemicals, and biomass power.

Online videos are powerful media for reaching and convincing stakeholders on position issues. Several that we find persuasive are available through this VIDEOS link.